Discover The Botanist, where nature meets gastronomy. Indulge in fresh, hearty fare amid lush surroundings.

Our Story

Our Story

The Botanist started as a retirement project for the parents in February 2019. Nestled within rich greenery The Botanist provide rather a unique dining experience. You can immerse fully in the nature while enjoying hearty and fresh food from us. We believes in bringing you the simplicity of happiness through food and experiences

Homemade Bread

Heartfelt Delights, Oven-Fresh and Handcrafted daily

Fresh Food

Nature's Bounty: A Feast of Crisp, Fresh Delicacies.

Passionate Chefs

Culinary Artistry: Crafted with Passion by Skilled Maestros.

Bake from Sratch

Savor the aroma of tradition with our artisanal bread, crafted from scratch daily.